Uninsured and Cash Paying Patients

Most of our generic medications can be filled at competitive prices. The cost advantage becomes most apparent as quantities of your filled medications increase to 180, 270, or 360. Patients often save on these medications in comparison to other pharmacies.  If you have been on a stable prescription for years this could be the best option for you as it saves money on the prescription itself and the time taken traveling to the pharmacy.

  • Prices for medications will fluctuate with the market, but we can verify prices before you fill.
  • As many pharmacies with  $4 medication lists reduce the included medications on them, we continually offer this service for all medications.
  • Controlled substances are excluded from this service.
  • Call us at 715-463-2525 to get pricing for your medications!

Purchase your prescriptions in bulk and save not only money but time!