Medication Packaging

For individuals that have too many tablets and capsules to manage or want to avoid the hassle of organizing their medications.  Save yourself some time and have us do it for you.

  • Have your medications organized into weekly, biweekly, or monthly packages with different times of the day for your medications, all for the cost of a single monthly fee.
  • Call to see if this program would work for you.

Looking for a solution to organize medications for your group homes, retirement communities, and hospice care?  We have a department dedicated to the filling of prescriptions for individuals in managed care facilities and other situations.

  • We can organize medications in docu-dose envelopes and bubble packs.
  • Call us for details on this service for your facility in either Northwestern Wisconsin or North Metro Minnesota.

Solutions to manage your medications, or those of your patients.  We are dedicated to making your prescriptions manageable.