Pharmacists in Wisconsin have a mandate to counsel on all prescriptions whether new or a refill. Allowing the opportunity to ask questions regarding your health and medications.

We offer vaccinations for those aged 6 or older. We may also immunize those under 6 years of age with a written prescription from a provider that is not more than 30 days old.

We offer packaging of medications for individuals, group homes, retirement centers, and hospice.

Prior to enrolling for Medicare we are able to conduct plan reviews for free, just call for an appointment

Refill and transfer your prescriptions through our website, mobile app, or via telephone.

Pediatric Dose Check

For children's medication we verify your child's weight and intended treatment. Basing the dose on guidelines for treatment, improving the success of therapy and safety of your child.

We can fill for generic Viagra® (sildenafil) or Cialis® (tadalafil) at prices comparable to or lower than big box stores.

We are able to bill custom fit orthotic shoes through select insurance plans or sell pairs of shoes to cash paying individuals.

A proactive approach to managing your prescription medications. Enrolled patients will have their medications filled at the same time each month or every three months.

We accept most insurance plans and are able to bill for select medical supplies. We also offer competitive cash prices for generic medications.

We offer free local delivery for your convenience. Please call to set up delivery.

A 30 minute appointment with our pharmacist to address issues or concerns that you may have regarding your medications or health.

We offer free screenings prior to purchasing over the counter hearing aids in the pharmacy.

If you have any questions or immediate concerns please don't hesitate to contact us at (715) 463-2525.