• Sildenafil is the active ingredient in Viagra® and Revatio®.
    • Comparatively Sildenafil 20mg has the same action and duration as Viagra® and it's generic strengths,  but allows for greater flexibility in dosing


  • In order to have your doctor order this medication they must write a prescription as sildenafil 20mg tablets with the instructions of take 2-5 tablets as needed prior to sexual activity.
    • Your Doctor may call, fax, or mail a hard copy to use; otherwise a physical prescription carried by the patient would be sufficient.


  • Why does sildenafil 20mg exist?
    • Sildenafil 20mg is the generic equivalent to a brand name medication called Revatio® 20mg. Revatio® 20mg was able to obtain a patent for Sildenafil 20mg strength where Viagra® was able to obtain a patent for 25mg, 50mg, and 100mg strengths.
    • These brand name medications of Viagra® and Revatio® have the exact same active ingredients but differ in milligram strength. Revatio® 20mg lost its brand name patent and generics have been available for years with the same active ingredient.


  • Why have a page on our website dedicated to this topic? 
    • Some patient's prefer the flexability that the 20 mg tablets allow them to exercise and many more are unaware of this option.  The price of generic silidenafil is reasonable at any strength and having multiple options gives patients more choices than before on this medication.
    • Feel free to ask our knowledgable pharmacists any questions you may have about erectile dysfunction medications.

   Sildenafil 20mg Requires a prescription similar  to the example above.