Device Features

  • 100% Digital AI Processing
  • Dynamic Range Compression Optimizes Sound Output
  • Adaptive Directional Microphones
  • Digital Rocker Volume Control
  • Advanced Signal Processing Sound Management
  • Intelligent Automatic Environment Mode
  • Phone App With Machine Learning To Improve Experience
  • Amptify Subscription For Support
  • Low Battery Warning – Voice Prompts And App Alert
  • 312 Battery
  • Different sized ear canal tubes and tips
  • Carrying case

Rediscover sounds with the Sontro Hearing Aids. These hearing aids feature machine learning that help to adapt to listening environments based on sound input and user actions for a seamless hearing experience. The Sontro hearing aids automatically selects sound modes for clearer conversations when moving between loud and quiet environments. Intelligent monitoring allows for seamless transition between sound environments. Dynamic range compression expands hearing to amplify soft sounds and help make loud sounds more comfortable. A Bluetooth enabled companion cellphone app can be used for additional hearing aid control options. The Sontro hearing aids also come with 1 free month of Amptify, a subscription service to help with using and adjusting to hearing aids.